Testimonials from Clients

“I have known Bernie Nyman and have retained him as my attorney in the UK since 1997.

He has advised me on all the legal aspects of my publishing rights and the copyright on all my intellectual properties. He has drafted all my contracts referring to these matters. In addition he has advised me on matters of a more personal and discreet nature and brought each of these to a favourable conclusion.

He has always understood my exact requirements and has executed these with legal expertise, reliability and an impeccable quality of advice.

I have found him pleasant and easy to work with, and for all these reasons I can recommend him without reservation.”

Wilbur Smith, author of 32 best-selling novels

“In 1993 I decided to change the publisher of my series of Expert garden books.  Bernie prepared both the Royalty Agreement for myself and the Packaging Agreement for my Company, Expert Publications Limited.

It is a testimony to the quality of these Agreements that the series has become the world’s best-selling gardening books and were awarded a Guinness World Record Certificate as the top-selling non-fiction books of the 1990s.

There are 22 titles in the series with titles in over 20 languages and there has never been a single dispute over the terms so carefully drafted by Bernie. I am most grateful to him and always turn to him when any amendments have been required.”

Dr D G Hessayon, author, The Expert series of gardening books

“For more than a quarter of a century the sole proprietor of B M Nyman & Co has given this agency sterling service.

His wisdom, his tact, his coolness under fire and his extraordinary reasonableness have all contributed to making him a truly remarkable copyright lawyer.”

Andrew Hewson, Managing Director, Johnson & Alcock Ltd (Literary Agents)

“Bernie’s advice is always practical, concise, good value and quickly delivered.

That’s what we need.”

Anthony Smith, Chief executive, Passenger Focus

“I worked with Bernie Nyman on complicated publishing contracts to do with dictionaries and dictionary IPR. I found him exceptionally acute – understanding a problem or situation very quickly – very knowledgeable about the Law, of course, but also very practical and quick to draft contracts.


Della Summers, Managing Director, Della Summers Publishing Ltd;
formerly Director – Dictionaries, Pearson Education Ltd

“Bernie has been an invaluable adviser for the past few years in many copyright-related matters, and I warmly recommend him to anybody in the publishing industry for his professionalism, reliability and experience.”

Alessandro Gallenzi, Managing Director, Alma Books Ltd

“Bernie is an excellent lawyer who is a great listener and always gives high quality commercial advice. I know of no-one better for IP and libel.”

Richard Chaplin, Founder & Executive Director, Managing Partners’ Forum and Professional Marketing Forum

“Bernie Nyman has advised us on several copyright matters over the years and has always acted with a rare mixture of alacrity and courtesy.

And another thing: his advice has proved sound as well.”

Alastair Sawday, Managing Director, Alastair Sawday Publishing Company Ltd

“I’ve been working with Bernie for more than 20 years and found him great to work with.

He understands my business, is always available and is very approachable. I trust him completely to give me the best advice.”

Sally Griffiths, Managing Director, Red Cover Ltd. (Picture Library)

“During the infinitely complicated and contorted legal issues relating to the White Hotel film rights, over many years, I had complete trust in Bernie Nyman’s exceptional knowledge of copyright law and his total integrity.

He worked tirelessly on my behalf.”

D M Thomas, author of ‘The White Hotel’

The Ballad of Bernard Nyman

When Bernard Nyman reads your contract
you won’t need your make-up compact:
No tears when Nyman’s on the case.
He safeguards both your fee, and face.

Bernard Nyman’s a legal whizz,
publishers’ friend and authors’ quizz,
His comments make the editors tremble,
And mocking calumnists dissemble.

When Bernard Nyman comes to town
The plagiarisers wear a frown.
They won’t get far with secondhand news
Once Nyman gives ‘em the legal blues.

Oh Nyman, Nyman, well-read lawyer!
We know a lot, but you know more! Ya
Give advice and weigh the cost
of publishing what’s better lost.

But Nyman’s advice is just as sound
When something written should be found,
For straightway when he got a sight
of Pirate Prufrock, he put us right:

You get permission or else your Pru
Will never see the Horizon Review!
Permissions saught, permissions granted:
saved by Bernie, singlehanted,

Pirate Pru still rules the waves.
Faber smiles when a poet behaves.
The mermaids sing – though not to Mermen.
They sing instead for Bernard Nyman.

Katy Evans-Bush
freelance copywriter and editor, communications consultant, poet, critic and journalist, and blogger