Information Technology Law

Like it or not, just about every business is affected by IT — Information Technology. It affects every business — from the smallest to the largest — that owns a computer and/or has a presence on the Internet.

Did you know that regulations require that online businesses must provide customers and potential customers with the following general information:

  1. the full contact details of the business, consisting of:
    • name;
    • email address;
    • geographic address of establishment;
    • any trade or similar registry entry with registration number;
    • any VAT number; and
  2. details of any supervisory authority if the business’s services are subject to an authorisation scheme, such as an authorisation to sell financial services; and
  3. if the business is in a ‘regulated’ profession:
      • its professional title;
      • the country which granted it that title;
      • the details of its professional body;
      • a reference to its professional rules and how to access them; and
  4. if there is a reference to prices, wherever such references are made the details must be clear and must state whether prices include delivery costs or tax. Further, if the price is exclusive of any delivery costs or taxes, such delivery costs or taxes must also be clearly set out.

There are much more detailed further information requirements if you sell goods or services from your website.

How I can help?

Amongst the types of work that I deal with in this area of law are the following:

  • Website development agreements
  • Website hosting agreements
  • Assignment of Domain Names
  • Assignment all rights (including copyright) in a website
  • Website Terms and Conditions — including rules for Bulletin Boards and Fora
  • Privacy Policies for websites
  • Software Licenses