General Business Contracts

General Business Contracts ImageIn addition to the more specialised services that I offer in Publishing, Intellectual Property, IT and Media, I also help businesses of all sorts with many of their general business contracts and arrangements.

For example, I deal with advising on, drafting and negotiating the following:

  • Company incorporation: incorporating a company through which the business will operate, and dealing with the initial issue of shares, board meetings and other events during the life cycle of the company;
  • Shareholder agreements: agreements regulating the arrangements as between the shareholders in a company, particularly where shareholders have different levels of shareholding or where there are different classes of shares;
  • Terms of business: standard terms of business for a wide variety of businesses, whether they are online businesses or traditional businesses or both;
  • Agency and distribution agreements: agreements for the appointment of exclusive and non-exclusive agents and distributors;
  • Agreements for the purchase or supply of goods and/or services: numerous different permutations can be drafted for all types of goods and services supplied;
  • Incorporation of an existing unincorporated business: converting a sole trader or partnership business into a limited company;
  • Sale of business assets: the sale of a business, or part of the business, by sale of the assets relating to that business or part of the business;
  • Consultancy agreements: agreements for an individual to provide consultancy to a business;
  • Agreements for the provision of services: agreements for provision of services in a business-to-business and business-to-consumer situation;
  • Powers of attorney: these can be important for business owners to ensure that there is someone with authority to act in the interests of the business if the owners are, for example, away for any substantial time or are taken ill;
  • Sponsorship agreements: agreements for the sponsorship of events;
  • Charities: setting up charities;
  • Partnership agreements: agreements for the establishment of a trading or professional partnership;
  • Manufacturing agreements: agreements for the manufacture of products.

How I can help your business?

Just let me know what you need help with, and I will provide cost-effective contracts and other documents to meet your needs.